North Beverly has a wonderfully active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) whose goal is to enhance the educational experience for all students, teachers, and families. Through fundraising and volunteer hours our PTO creates opportunities for parent involvement and raises funds to provide enrichment, curriculum support and Family Fun events. From classroom supplies to iPads, the Science Fair to Field Day, the funds raised and hours donated by our PTO cover so much.

PTO membership is free and open to ALL parents and guardians of North Beverly students, teachers and our principal. If your child goes to North Beverly, you're already part of PTO! Meetings are held on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm in the library every 6 weeks. Please check the school calendar for meeting dates as well as information about PTO-sponsored events. You can also LIKE us on Facebook where we post up to date reminders and photos of PTO events!

Many parent and teacher volunteers lead the activities and planning throughout the year - won't you join us? There is something for everyone... big or small, during the school day or at home. The PTO is about Pulling Together as One!

View the North Beverly Elementary Schools' PTO bylaws here.

PTO Meeting Dates 2017

April 6th
May 18th

PTO Events 2017

4/12      Crazy Chemistry Night - (tentative)
5/21      Fitness Festival 5K/Fun Run
6/1       Lip Sync Contest
6/8         Field Day
6/9       End of School Picnic


Matthew & Kristen Riordan, Presidents
mattriordan1@comcast.net, kristenriordan@comcast.net
Kaarin Robinson & Sarah McKenna, Vice Presidents
Karen Kingston & Colleen McGeown, Secretaries
Jill Pelletier, Treasurer -



to the PTO.